Eyecandy Visual

Eyecandy Visual is a unique VJ show complemented by live dance with light objects.

What is it about?

• comprehensive visual form transmitted live on the screen
• light show with object manipulation techniques
• multitude of harmoniously intertwined layers
• unique energetic performance prepared just for your event
• possible graphic variety mach to the wide range of music styles

Where it could be shown?

• festival opening/ closing ceremony
• concert visuals
• chill-out zone
• club parties
• indoor/ outdoor events
• other arrangement acceptable

Which forms are possible?

• VJ+dancer
• only VJ
• only dancer
• outdoor fireshow

In every form Eyecandy is a special, reflective and memorable experience, so we encourage you to check our films and galleries. We also invite you to contact us for more information. We will gladly answer any questions and determine the details of cooperation.